Monday, August 22, 2016

The Legacy of Superwoman

While most people know Supergirl, Superwoman isn't as well known. And there have been quite a few of them. A side note, this post will focus on the Superman-related Superwomen and not the Earth-3 evil counterpart of Wonder Woman known as Superwoman. The first Superwoman appeared in a dream where Lois Lane gained the powers of Superman. The first official Superwoman to appear was Luma Lynai, Superwoman from the planet Staryl. She possessed powers similar to a Kryptonian, but only under an orange sun. She tried to live on Earth with Superman but found that yellow sunlight was toxic to her. Later, Kristin Wells, a time-traveling descendant of Jimmy Olsen, would take on the mantle of Superwoman, using futuristic technology to emulate superhuman powers. Dana Dearden was the the next to take on the identity of Superwoman, however the public called her Obsession. Dana was an obsessed Superman fan who used stolen magic artifacts to obtain the powers of gods and goddesses so she would be his perfect match. While not officially called Superwoman, Sharon Vance was the female version of Superman's electric blue phase. A childhood friend of Clark Kent from Smallville, Sharon became Strange Visitor (a being of living electromagnetic energy) and had to wear Superman's old electric containment suit to control her powers. Lois Lane's little sister Lucy became the next Superwoman, after the military gave her a costume that allowed her to mimic Kryptonian abilities until the suit was taken from her. Lisa Jennings was a school teacher who became the next Superwoman after gaining Superman-like powers from exposure to radiation from a Kryptonian sunstone. In the new 52 continuity, Lois Lane and Lana Lang both became Superwoman when the two women gained superhuman powers after they absorbed energy released from the dying body of the New 52 Superman. Lois developed Kryptonian-like powers similar to those of Superman while Lana developed solar-fueled electromagnetic powers similar to those Superman possessed during his electric powers phase. In another reality, Lois Lane became Superwoman for a day when Superman gave her a serum that gave her his power for 24 hours. In a reality where every DC character was the opposite gender, Laurel Kent was Superwoman, a gender-reversed version of Superman. In the 31st century, Elna Kent is the descendant of Superman and Lois Lane and the Superwoman of her timeline.

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