Friday, August 5, 2016

May "Mayday" Parker Spider-Girl/Woman costume history

Like her father, Spider-Man, May Parker has also worn quite a few costumes. May's first Spider-Girl costume was the Spider-Man costume worn by her "uncle" Ben Reilly. When her costume was badly damaged, May bought a black-and white version of her Spider-Girl uniform from a costume shop. After the death of her father, May wore his classic Spider-Man costume as Spider-Woman. Realizing the costume made her dwell her father's death, May designed a new Spider-Woman costume that embodied both the Ben Reilly and Peter Parker Spider-Man costume with a few new elements thrown in, such as large webs under her arms. In the Earth-X reality, May is Venom, and the symbiotic costume she wears is black with red web/vein patterns and a large red spider-symbol. In the year 2020 AD, May wears a Spider-Girl costume that combines the costume of Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) with that of Spider-Man.

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