Sunday, September 23, 2012

Psylocke costume history

The many costumes of Psylocke. At first, she wore a Captain Britain costume that gave her powers similar to her brother, and when her own telepathic powers kicked in, she created her first pink Psylocke costume. Later she added armor to giver her an edge in physical combat. After her mind and DNA got swapped with a Japanese assassin, Psylocke wore a blue-and-gold X-Men training uniform, before donning her iconic blue swimsuit with ribbons over the the gloves and boots, and a red sash. When her telepathy got turned into telekinesis, Psylocke switched to a black bare midriff bodysuit, and when the X-Men later all got black leather costumes Psylocke wore a black leather version of her swimsuit costume. When reality got warped by Scarlet Witch Psylocke got a black suit adorned with a purple dragon. The she got a black-and-purple bare midriff bodysuit when reality returned to normal.After regained her telepathy (and still keeping her telekinesis), Psylocke wore a black-and-silver version of her original swimsuit costume. And finally Psylocke donned a purple bodysuit with elements of her previous costume when she became a member of X-Force (a secret ops branch of the X-Men). Later she witched to a black bodysuit with a white x-emblem and purple sash belt. In the Ultimate Universe Psylocke wore a black-leather bare midriff X-men uniform.

Jean Grey's Phoenix costume history

The many costumes of Jean Grey aka The Phoenix. First Jean wore the black-and-gold uniform of Marvel Girl (later she would trade in the costume for a green mini-dress and a yellow version of her mask), then she bonded with the Phoenix Force and became Phoenix and gained the classic and well-known green-and-gold uniform with the phoenix emblem on a triangular field of black. When she was corrupted by the evil Mastermind, Jean became the Dark Phoenix, and the green of her phoenix costume was changed to dark red with a much larger bird emblem and no black. After she "died" on the moon, Jean came back as Marvel Girl with a green-and-yellow costume. Later Jean switched it for a sleeker red version, and then a blue and yellow version with a tiara. In the 90's Jean reclaimed the name of Phoenix she wore what is considered to be her classic look; a gold-and blue uniform with a tiara and shoulder armor. Once Jean regained the Phoenix Force she switched her costume to a red-and-gold uniform that had aspects of her 90's costume and her Dark Phoenix costume. When the X-Men all got black leather costumes, Phoenix got a black-and-gold uniform. When she fought an evil mutant posing as Magneto, she appeared as a flaming energy version of her Dark Phoenix persona.  When the Magneto impersonator killed Phoenix, a ghostly image of Jean wearing a costume that combined elements of her second Marvel Girl costume and her first Phoenix costume appeared to her daughter Rachel. When the Phoenix Force was damaged it came to Earth and re-bonded with Jean's body to heal itself and placed her in a bright red version of her classic green Phoenix costume, and after Jean asserted her control over the Phoenix she manifested a white version of her first Phoenix costume. And then when a younger version of Jean was transported to the present, young Jean wore a green, white, and black costume as her X-Men uniform. Later she redesigned her costume into a green-and-yellow uniform that combined elements of the classic green Marvel Girl and Phoenix uniforms. In an alternate timeline set during the events of the Avengers vs X-Men, Phoenix evolved her costume into a black-and-red version of her classic Phoenix costume with a golden bird-emblem breastplate. In one proposed comic Jean would have regained the Phoenix Force in the 90s and would have worn a gold-and-black stylized version of her classic Phoenix costume. In an alternate timeline shown in the Mutant X comics, Jean never became the Phoenix and was codenamed Ariel and wore a red-and-gold bodysuit. In the Ultimate Universe, Jean wore a black-and-yellow bare midriff uniform as Marvel Girl, and kept the uniform even when she became the Phoenix. In a parallel universe where events diverged in the 90's with Wolverine's death, Jean had her powers amplified by a villain named Cortez and became the Phoenix again, altering her 90's gold-and-blue costume into a blue-and-gold version of her classic Phoenix costume. In a parallel universe where Jean never left the X-factor team, she wore a black and yellow suit with an x-theme. 150 years from now Jean Grey was resurrected in a dark future world by the Phoenix Force...and found herself in a skimpy and spiky black leather costume and when she used her powers her skin turned to golden flames

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Marvel's White Tiger history

The mantle of the White Tiger has been used by several Marvel characters. The first White Tiger was Hector Ayala, a martial artist who was empowered by a mystical tiger amulet. After his death, a real white tiger was evolved by the High Evolutionary into a human woman who was highly skilled in several types of martial arts (as well as able to shape-shift back into her tiger form) and was called White Tiger. Unable to cope with human emotions, the second White Tiger was permanently transformed back into a tiger, leaving Kasper Cole free to become the third White Tiger. A scion of the Black Panther, Kasper had a white version of the Black Panther suit (complete with vibranium claws) and was given special herbs to endow him with cat-like abilities until he abandoned his heroics. Hector Ayala's niece Angela del Toro was given his tiger amulet, transforming her into the fourth White Tiger, and she used her cat-like powers and stealth abilities to combat crime until she was corrupted by evil mystic ninjas known as the Hand. Angela's cousin Ava Ayala (Hector's youngest sister) was given the amulet after Angela's corruption, and is the current White Tiger, joining the Avengers Academy and learning to control her tiger-like powers.