Sunday, September 23, 2012

Psylocke costume history

The many costumes of Psylocke. At first, she wore a Captain Britain costume that gave her powers similar to her brother, and when her own telepathic powers kicked in, she created her first pink Psylocke costume. Later she added armor to giver her an edge in physical combat. After her mind and DNA got swapped with a Japanese assassin, Psylocke wore a blue-and-gold X-Men training uniform, before donning her iconic blue swimsuit with ribbons over the the gloves and boots, and a red sash. When her telepathy got turned into telekinesis, Psylocke switched to a black bare midriff bodysuit, and when the X-Men later all got black leather costumes Psylocke wore a black leather version of her swimsuit costume. When reality got warped by Scarlet Witch Psylocke got a black suit adorned with a purple dragon. The she got a black-and-purple bare midriff bodysuit when reality returned to normal.After regained her telepathy (and still keeping her telekinesis), Psylocke wore a black-and-silver version of her original swimsuit costume. And finally Psylocke donned a purple bodysuit with elements of her previous costume when she became a member of X-Force (a secret ops branch of the X-Men). Later she witched to a black bodysuit with a white x-emblem and purple sash belt. In the Ultimate Universe Psylocke wore a black-leather bare midriff X-men uniform.

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