Saturday, September 1, 2012

Marvel's White Tiger history

The mantle of the White Tiger has been used by several Marvel characters. The first White Tiger was Hector Ayala, a martial artist who was empowered by a mystical tiger amulet. After his death, a real white tiger was evolved by the High Evolutionary into a human woman who was highly skilled in several types of martial arts (as well as able to shape-shift back into her tiger form) and was called White Tiger. Unable to cope with human emotions, the second White Tiger was permanently transformed back into a tiger, leaving Kasper Cole free to become the third White Tiger. A scion of the Black Panther, Kasper had a white version of the Black Panther suit (complete with vibranium claws) and was given special herbs to endow him with cat-like abilities until he abandoned his heroics. Hector Ayala's niece Angela del Toro was given his tiger amulet, transforming her into the fourth White Tiger, and she used her cat-like powers and stealth abilities to combat crime until she was corrupted by evil mystic ninjas known as the Hand. Angela's cousin Ava Ayala (Hector's youngest sister) was given the amulet after Angela's corruption, and is the current White Tiger, joining the Avengers Academy and learning to control her tiger-like powers.

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