Friday, August 24, 2012

The Batmobile is a famous vehicle that has been portrayed several times in film and tv, but Batman isn't the only masked marvel in Gotham with a set of wheels...Catwoman has also driven a Catmobile (in fact she has driven several)

The 60's showed Batman fans a bright green fuzzy Catmobile for Catwoman in the Adam West tv series. Then, a sleek black-and-red Catmobile was given to Selina Kyle in the 70's in the comics and later in the Batmobiles toyline. The Batman Returns film released a purple Catmobile for the movie tie-in toys. The DC Universe Hot Wheels toys showed that Catwoman had a very sleek sporty Catmobile. And finally, a Lamborghini with flaming tail-pipes and black armor that resembled the Nolan era Batmobile was considered for a possible vehicle for Anne Hathaway's Catwoman character in Dark Knight Rises but she ended up driving the Bat-Pod.

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