Monday, August 20, 2012

The evolution of animated Catwoman. The Filmation Batman cartoon series featured a shrill evil Catwoman clad in green and white. This version didn't have any sort of romantic interest in Batman, and primarily engaged in evil plots to rule the world. The second series, loosely based on the Adam West Batman altered her costume to orange with a cat head on her chest, black cat mask, and white gloves and boots. Like her green predecessor, she had a shrill, grating voice and was completely evil and had no feeling towards Batman besides hatred. The Fox Batman series introduced a much more comic accurate Catwoman, a gray cat-suited jewel thief with a husky sultry voice who was romantically involved with Batman. Unlike the previous versions, Catwoman was somewhat heroic (protecting big cats from extinction), and an adept fighter and thief. She wore her gray costume for three seasons, until season 4 where she was changed to resemble the Michelle Pfieffer Catwoman, pale white skin and a tight solid black catsuit. The CW series The Batman made Catwoman a ninja-like thief with night-vision goggles (as Catwoman was then wearing in the comics), and despite her attraction to Batman wouldn't hesitate to double-cross him if it served her best interests. She often wore her whip around her waist, which looked like a cat's tail, and had red accents to her costume that contrasted nicely with her shiny black costume. And finally the Brave and the Bold introduced Catwoman as a villain who attempted to feed Batman to her tiger, lion, and black jaguar. However the two quickly developed a mutual attraction that occasionally led the thief to help Batman. Her costume was based off her early look in DC comics in the 50's, a purple and green dress with a cape and a cat-cowl. Unlike the Catwoman portrayals in the Batman series on Fox and CW, Catwoman in Brave and the Bold didn't use gloves with built-in retractable claws, but instead had perfectly manicured nails that transformed into sharp red-polished talons at her whim.

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