Sunday, August 14, 2016

Harley Quinn Costume History

After Harley's Quinn big screen debut in Suicide Squad, some people were less than thrilled with Harley's "costume" of a red jacket and short-shorts. Let's look at the actual costumes Harley has worn in the comics and video-games. Harley Quinn began her career as a cartoon character in the Batman animated series in the 90's. A criminal psychiatrist turned villainous sidekick, Harleen Quinzel's love for the Joker led her to don the now iconic red-and-black jester costume of Harley Quinn. Her popularity resulted in Harley being added to the pages of DC comics. In the New 52 continuity, the Joker threw Dr. Harleen Quinzel into the same vat of acid that Batman threw him into. The chemicals bleached her skin and gave her two-toned red-and-blue hair. Donning a skimpy red-and-blue bodice with matching stockings, Harley Quinn was the Joker's girlfriend. However, his increasingly sadistic behavior drove Harley away from Gotham city. Harley strove to create her own identity and redesigned her look into a roller-derby uniform with elements of the original Harley Quinn jester costume. She also died the blue parts of her hair black. Later, Harley was made part of the Suicide Squad and sported a more militaristic version of her roller-derby costume. She also died her hair back to blonde. In the Injustice video game/tie-in comic continuity, Harley's look is a combination of her classic and new 52 costumes. Harley first sports red-and-black hair along with a jester themed red-and-black vest over two-toned stockings. Later she dies her hair back to blonde and dons a two-toned red-and-black jacket and with matching leather pants. In the Arkham Asylum/City/Knight games Harley first wears a modified nurse's uniform. Then she wears a red-and-black leather halter top with matching pants. Finally Harley wears a black Gothic Lolita-style dress over what appears to be the leggings of her classic jester costume.

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