Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Costume History of Firestar

The mutant mistress of microwaves, Firestar began her career under the tutelage of Emma Frost aka the White Queen. Emma provided Angelica Jones with training in her mutant ability to control microwave radiation, and gave her a fiery yellow-and red costume and large flame-shaped mask that would become her most iconic and well-known look. Realizing Emma intended to use her as an assassin, Firestar left and joined the teen hero-team, the New Warriors. There she would decided to update her look to a red-and-gold leotard over a black bodysuit with gold googles. When Firestar was offered membership into the Avengers, Wasp gave her a gold-and-black bodysuit with orange flame trim and a fiery mask as a welcoming present. However Firestar found the plunging neckline too revealing and modified her costume, changing the trim to red and filling the neckline with a red flame design. Firestar left the Avengers and tried to retire from heroics, but was offered a teaching position with the X-Men. There she wore a stylized version of her original costume, with longer gloves and boots, a smaller mask, and a red collar. During a stealth mission, Firestar sported a black-and-grey version of her X-Men costume. When she fought the god Tanaraq Firestar was transformed into a fiery goddess in a "costume" of pure flame.

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