Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Marvel Boy/Justice Costume History

Vance Astrovik had no idea that in the future he would be an astronaut lost in the depths of space in the 30th century with psychokinetic powers. And he had no idea that his future self would travel back in time to prevent his timeline from occurring. When young Vance met future Vance, the temporal anomaly unleashed young Vance's latent mutant DNA and converted it from a talent to create psychokinetic blasts into full-blown telekinesis. Dubbing himself Marvel Boy, young Vance donned a navy blue-and-white costume similar to the uniform worn by his future self and joined the teen hero team, the New Warriors. However when his bigoted father began viciously beating him for being a mutant, Marvel Boy lashed out with his telekinetic powers to protect himself and blasted his father through a wall, killing him. Marvel Boy was arrested for negligent homicide and sent to prison. When he was released for early for good behavior, he decided to christen himself Justice, wearing a padded blue-and-white costume with red goggles and a red scales emblem belt. Justice rejoined the New Warriors and was made the new team leader, and he celebrated by designing a new white costume with navy blue-and-light blue trim with gold triangular emblems. When he was offered membership in the Avengers, Wasp gave Justice a costume that resembled his original Marvel Boy costume with elements of his last costume. Later Justice would leave the Avengers and reform the New Warriors, and changed the hue of his costume from navy to teal and added gold trim to his costume. He also wore a black-and-white version of this costume with a jacket

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