Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nate Grey/X-Man costume history

Nate Grey aka the X-Man, is the son of Cyclops and Phoenix, artificially created in a laboratory from the two mutants' DNA to be the most powerful telepath/telekinetic on Earth. His first uniform was a blue-and-gold leather bodysuit and jacket. Upon the destruction of his reality, he escaped into the current Marvel timeline using his psychic abilities to cross dimensional planes. He kept his blue and gold costume for a little while, until he was convinced by friends he had made to pick a more normal look, to which he changed his costume to an all black leather attire. Later he met this reality's version of his father Cyclops, who gave him one of his old costumes (a blue bodysuit with a white X emblem). When X-Man faced a powerful opponent while he was stripped of his telepathy, he used his telekinesis to form a body armor from surrounding pieces of metal to compensate for his reduced powers. After getting his powers restored, Nate donned a black X-symbol bodysuit with white swirl designs. As his powers grew stronger, X-Man became a "shaman" to his new home reality, and began to practice using his dimensional traveling powers to protect Earth from threats from parallel realities (a while wearing only a trenchcoat and black slacks). However, X-Man merged himself with the astral plane to protect everyone on Earth from a pyschic invader. He was lost as psionic energy on the astral plane until former super-villain Norman Osborn attempted to use a group of psychics to pull Nate's psychic energy from the astral plane and inadvertently reformed him. X-Man reappeared on the physical world wearing a blue trenchcoat with phoenix-wing lapels and an ornate golden X emblem on the back with grey slacks and an x-emblem belt. After Nate was stripped of most of his powers, Nate wore a black-and-gold hooded trenchcoat with black-and-gold leather pants. And in a possible future, X-Man finally joined the X-men and wore a blue-and-yellow uniform with a red x-emblem. In another future, X-Man was among a group of people who had been (or would become) hosts of the Phoenix Force, his Phoenix costume being a gold bodysuit with a black-and-yellow phoenix emblem accented with orange gloves and matching belt.

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