Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Araña/Spider-Girl Costume History

When Anya Corazon discovered a strange blue spider tattoo on her arm, she had no idea of what the arcane mark meant. Soon she discovered her strength and agility were boosted to near superhuman levels, and that she could cling to walls like a spider. Calling herself Araña (the Spanish word for 'Spider'), Anya took to the streets in a homemade costume comprised of a white-and-red spider t-shirt, black jeans, goggles, red fingerless gloves, and a backpack (to store her spider-shaped grapnel hooks and swing lines). Soon Araña discovered the true nature of the tattoo on her arm, when it formed a blue-and-red armor-like exoskeleton around her body. But when Araña's exoskeleton was ripped from her body by a villain called the Doomsday Man, she lost all her abilities. Anya soon tried to fight crime without powers. Her lack of powers placed her in harm's way on many of her adventures, but when a villain created a virus based on Spider-Man's DNA, Anya (now called Spider-Girl) was infected and found herself once again imbued with spider-like abilities. Wearing a modified black-and-white version of Julia Carpenter's Arachne costume, Anya used her new spider-strength, speed, agility, wall-crawling, and web-shooting powers as a truly super-powered Spider-Girl and a new member of the Avengers. Later Spider-Girl added a hooded cloak and a spider-symbol vest to her costume. Shortly after, Anya switched back to a sleeker black-and-white costume that was the combination of her Araña and Spider-Girl costumes.

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