Friday, January 10, 2014

Emma Frost White Queen/Black Queen Costume history

When the telepathic femme fatale Emma Frost was introduced to comic fans, she was the villainous White Queen of the Hellfire Club, clad in a corset, thong, boots, and fur-lined cape (all in white). After White Queen switched sides and  joined the X-Men, she adopted a more conservative look with a white jacket over her corset, pants, and boots. When Emma was placed in charge over the junior X-Men (Generation X) she adopted a white version of the Generation X uniform (a white bodysuit with gold boots and matching x-belt). When she returned to the X-Men after Generation X disbanded, White Queen wore a provocative white leather bodysuit with cutaways in the leather forming an X symbol from the exposed skin of her torso. When at was agreed that the X-Men would look more like superheroes, White Queen adopted a white bare midriff bodysuit with a cape. When she tried to infiltrate the Hong Kong branch of the Hellfire club, White Queen wore a Asian-themed white dress with a blue dragon and a cape. Later White Queen put on a fur-lined cape and leather boots on a bare midriff white costume. When she became a student adviser to the younger X-Men, she wore a X-shaped white top with a sleeveless trenchcoat and white pants with a white x-belt. When evil genius Norman Osborne formed an evil team of mutants to pose as Dark X-Men, Emma feigned switching sides and became the Black Queen of the Dark X-Men with a fur-lined black cape and matching black bodysuit. After her return, she switched back to White Queen with a sleek white bodysuit with a white x emblem belt. When White Queen was possessed by the Phoenix Force, she adopted a golden bird themed armor plate over a skimpy white costume with a cape. After the Phoenix Force was stolen from her, Emma switched to the Black Queen in a revealing black leather costume with red-X shaped accents. In an alternate reality where Ultron ruled, White Queen wore hi-tech white body armor. And in a future where the X-Men were being destroyed, White Queen wore a bare midriff white leather bodysuit with a cape.

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