Monday, December 2, 2013

Raven Costume History

The half-demon sorceress Raven has been an iconic DC hero. Initially she appeared a shadowy witch, clad in a dark blue dress with a bird-like cloak pinned on with raven emblem medallions. When Raven freed herself from her demonic heritage she changed the color of her costume white. When her body was once again corrupted by demon magic, Raven destroyed her physical form, her soul surviving and becoming a being of golden energy. However her golden soul-form was captured and placed into a clone of her body by a cult. The clone was younger than the real Raven, and Raven now had to deal with being a teenager again. In her teen form she wore a black bodysuit with a gray bird emblem, a bird-like cowl pinned on by a ruby amulet, and a gold-and-ruby belt. Later Raven would use magic to turn herself back into her correct age, and would don a new version of her original costume, but this time the dress would be dark purple instead of blue, with a lavender bird emblem, a cowl pinned on by golden amulets, thigh-high boots, and added a gold bird symbol belt. In new 52 Raven is a servant of her demon father and wears a demonic gray-and-blue armor with a blue feathered cape and a cowl that covers her face with a mask of gray feathers.

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