Thursday, December 5, 2013

Steel Armor History

When Superman saved the life of inventor John Henry Irons, John Henry repaid that act of heroism by forging his own Superman-themed armor when Superman "died" fighting Doomsday. Calling himself the Man of Steel, John Henry wore a silver armored body suit with a silver Superman S Shield and a red cape. With servo-motors augmenting his strength, rocket boots allowing him to fly, and wrist blaster and hammer weapons, the Man of Steel was able to carry on the tradition of Superman. When Superman returned, revealing that his death was actually a intense and deep coma, Man of Steel decided to simply call himself Steel and moved from Metropolis to Washington DC. He designed a new, more high-tech armor for himself, a black-and-gray battlesuit that was more powerful than the first armor to fight a new breed of hi-tech crime that happening in his home town. Although he kept the red cape, Steel decided to not wear the S shield, as he might have to do thing that Superman wouldn't approve of. The new Steel armor was not only more powerful than the Man of Steel armor, but could be teleported on and off John Henry's body through a dimension called the White Zone. However, when the White Zone infected his armor with a dimensional parasite, Steel scrapped it and designed a new armor. The new Steel armor was a lightweight gray-and -silver battlesuit made of more lightweight metals and enhanced with new inertial dampners that boosted kinetic impact. This time Steel designed his own S Shield to wear on his armor with the red cape to evoke his connection to Superman. He wore this armor until a dark god Darkseid forced Steel to wear his Entropy Aegis armor. The suit of navy-and-red metal wielded the power of entropy itself, but was eating Steel's soul. When Steel finally freed himself from the Entropy Aegis, he designed a newer, more streamlined version of his Man of Steel armor made of a super durable silver alloy to get back to his old self, this time with a red Superman S Shield and cape. After the events of new 52, Steel is an inventor who designed a powerful suit of gunmetal cybernetic armor to help Superman. The suit has no helmet like the past history versions, or a cape, but does have the hammer and a version of the S shield.

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