Monday, November 11, 2013

Barbara Gordon's Batgirl costume history

Barbara Gordon may be the second Batgirl (or first if you don't count Bette Kane as Bat-Girl), and has had others take on the mantle after her, but she is the most well known Batgirl. And over the years, she has sported a few different costumes. Her original costume was a gray, blue, and yellow version of Batman's suit with a similar cowl. Later she slightly altered the costume to a black-and-yellow version with shorter gloves and no bat shapes on the boots, and she wore this version until she was shot by the Joker and permanently paralyzed from the waist down. When Bruce Wayne designed Internet 3.0 he designed a holographic cyber suit for Barbara that was similar to her Batgirl costume but was all black with yellow accents with a sleek domino mask. Later she upgraded her holographic costume to an black-and-yellow armored version with glowing yellow designs and a helmet that resembled her first Batgirl cowl. After the events of New 52, Barbara's first costume was a gray, blue, black, and yellow version of the Batman costume with a domino mask. As before, she was crippled by the Joker, but healed after 3 years of physical therapy, and became Batgirl again once she was recovered. This time her outfit was black and yellow body armor that supported her weakened spine, with a Batman cowl and a purple cape. During the events of Gothtopia, Barbara dons an armored white costume with a domino mask similar to her first New 52 costume.

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