Thursday, July 4, 2013

Power Girl costume overview

Every DC superhero has been known to change up their costumes from time to time, but few have had as many different looks as Superman's cousin from Earth-2, Power Girl.
Power Girl was Kara Zor-L, the cousin of Kal-L (the Superman of Earth-2) and her costume was a reflection of her desire to be seen as more than just the cousin of Superman. She chose a white body suit with a low-cut neckline, blue gloves and boots, a red cape attached by golden medals, and no symbol. She had been given a P-version of Superman's S-Shield but refused to wear it. After she escaped the apparent destruction of Earth-2 and arrived on our Earth,  she would modify the suit slightly, attaching the cape by one medal instead of two, and she enclosed her plunging neckline to create a hole (which she said was waiting to be filled with a symbol of her own choosing). When she joined the Justice league of Europe, Power Girl adopted a blue-and-white costume and added several accessories, such as a headband and shoulder armor. After joining the Justice League of America, she  created a more streamlined version her suit, removing the cape and shoulder armor, and chose a darker shade of blue with red-accents. Tired of being confused with her counterpart on this Earth, Kara Zor-El (Supergirl), Power Girl chose a simple gold-and-white bodysuit with no chest-hole or cape, and a golden jewel pendant. When on a mission for the former Batgirl, Oracle, Power Girl altered her gold costume to show her legs, and added a red sash belt and matching headband. Power Girl eventually went back to a slightly more modified version of  her second costume, just making the hole square, switching the medal into shoulder armor, and adding more stylized boots. After the events of new 52, previews showed Power Girl in white costume with golden boots and a red cape attached by a Superman-like P-Shield. However, despite the previewed costume, Power Girl made her new 52 debut in a white bodysuit with blue-trim, a stylized red-and-yellow P emblem over the left side of her chest that extended into a cape, and gold bracelets. After fans panned the costume, Power Girl switched to a futuristic version of her second pre-New 52 costume.

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