Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gosei Green, an unsung hero. In addition to loving comics...I love sentai and Japanese cartoons. One such show was Goseiger. In the series, there were three sets of two heroes...two air, two land, and two water Goseigers (or Power Rangers if the sentai ever gets adapted). The Blue Goseiger (Gosei Blue) was a water (Seaick) hero had a giant blue shark mecha  (or Zord as they are called here in the states) called Gosei Shark, and the second of the Seaicks was Gosei Green..who had a five second battle scene in a flashback where it was revealed that he died before the Goseigers all teamed up. Green's suit was a recolor of Blue's, and his mecha was a recolor of Blue's second Dolphin mecha (Green's mecha was called Gosei Porpoise).

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  1. Orion, from Megaforce Green to Super Megaforce Silver.