Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nightwing Costume Evolution

Dick Grayson was the original Robin, sidekick to Batman. When Batman dismissed the need for Robin, Robin decided to become his own hero and fly solo. Taking his father's dark blue-and-robin's egg blue trapeze artist costume and accenting it with yellow feathers (as a nod to his yellow cape as Robin) and a mask, Robin left the nest as took flight as Nightwing. Later Nightwing's girlfriend Starfire would modify it, making the yellow feathers a wing emblem, adding a utility belt, and adding yellow cuffs to the gloves. Starfire also installed functional glider wings under the arms to allow Nightwing to fly short distances in the new costume. When Nightwing left Gotham to further remove himself from Batman's shadow, he became the hero of the city of Bludhaven. Feeling his suit was too bright for a vigilante, he developed a black suit with a blue wing emblem similar to Batman's bat symbol, and mini-utility belts hidden in the cuffs of the gloves and boots. Later, Nightwing would streamline his suit into a sleek black costume with a robin's egg blue bird emblem, and a mask that resembled Batman's bat symbol. Finally, after the events of New 52, Nightwing's suit is a black armored body suit with a red bird emblem that is very similar to the Batman bat symbol.

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