Sunday, February 7, 2016

2017 Power Rangers Ninja Steel

So when Dino Charge ends, the next Power Rangers series will be Power Rangers Ninja Steel, based on Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. Lets meet the rangers.

Red Ranger controls the NinjaZord
Blue Ranger pilots the DragonZord
Yellow Ranger pilots the TruckZord
Pink Ranger pilots the TrainZord
White Ranger pilots the WolfZord
The sixth Ranger is the cowboy-themed Gold Ranger who pilots the RodeoZord
The Lion Ninja Star turns Red Ranger into the Red Shogun Ranger and allows him to control the LionZord.

It finally happened, a female Green Ranger. While she appears as a movie exclusive in the Ninninger V-Cinema movie, she might be adapted as well into Power Rangers. She would pilot the ElehantZord, who can morph into battle mode.
The Ninja, Dragon, Truck, Train, and Wolf Zords combine into the Ninja Steel Megazord
The RodeoZord morphs into the Sheriff Megazord
The RodeoZord can combine with the Ninja Steel Megazord to form the Steel Sheriff Megazord.
The LionZord can transform into the Shogun BattleZord
The LionZord can combine with the Ninja Steel Megazord and RodeoZord to form the Shogun Steel UltraZord
The ElephantZord can combine with the Ninja Steel Megazord to create the Jungle Steel Megazord.

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