Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nightwing the Animated versions: Batman Animated series' 4th season introduced the first cartoon appearance of the former boy wonder. He wore a modified version of Nightwing's 1st late 90's black-and-blue comic costume, with the blue V design changed into the now iconic bird emblem. Then the Teen Titans introduced Nightwing as the adult version of Robin in a dark future. This incarnation had an appearance similar to the first animated Nightwing, with a redesigned bird emblem, belt, and gauntlets. Then "The Batman" followed the Teen Titans' lead and had a dark future episode with Robin as an adult Nightwing, wearing the Batman animated series costume with some minor enhancements. Under the Red Hood DC DVD showcased Nightwing in a suit that was very similar to the Nightwing 90's black-and-blue comic costume..with the addition of blue cuffs on his gloves and boots. Batman: Brave and the Bold had Robin trade his Earth-2 Robin costume for the original bleu-and-gold Nightwing costume. Finally Young Justice has Robin becoming Nightwing, wearing a suit that embodies elements of the Batman Animated Series and Teen Titans cartoon costumes.

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